Vendor Spotlight – jane’s short and sweet

jane's shortbread cookies

Putting the Vendor Spotlight on jane’s short and sweet is easy for two reasons: one, the products are fabulous and two, the mission is critical. jane’s donates any profits from her delish shortbread cookies and skin-softening sugar scrub to Toolbox4Life, a nonprofit that gives at-risk women valuable life skills. Michele, our owner and head box lady, has become friends with Jane herself and attended a graduation of one of the Toolbox4Life classes. Some of those graduates even work for jane’s now labeling cookies and packaging up sugar scrub.

jane's sugar scrub

jane’s short and sweet cookies are featured in our “Morning Glory” box and the sugar scrubs in our “A Little Bit of Peace & Quiet” box or feel free to add them to your own custom box. We’re sure no one will be disappointed.