Spice Up Your Next Event

A customized collection of artisan goodies is the unique way to dazzle guests and showcase Florida's talented locals. In order to tailor our offerings, we work with event planners to create a box with customized, themed and personalized products. Whether you're looking for a new way to welcome attendees or a post-event sendoff, Five-Star Florida Finds partners with you to create the perfect finishing touches on your next event.

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A Different Kind of Florida Gift

Expert gift seeker Michele Nunnelley has always loved collecting treasures. After years in the corporate world, Michele found herself longing for something more creative, and became delighted at the idea of introducing the gift of local goodies, while supporting small businesses who proudly toil over their craft.

Florida is more than just oranges, and we can prove it. With a conventional gift basket, you’ll receive a pre-packaged, mass-produced idea of what makes up the Sunshine State. However with a Five-Star Florida Finds gift box, you’ll receive the best local goodies that we’ve procured by hand from people we know and trust. Share these sunny welcome packages with friends, family and colleagues for any occasion, or even create your own box of sunshine!​

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